Make it simple
but significant

With 20 years of experience in new construction and
total renovations from A to Z, it’s  clear that the expertise
of Monolith is not limited to just one style.

Wendy Verstrepen her years as an interior designer
at Vlassak-Verhulst and Obumex have broadened her
professional knowledge and are unmistakably the basis
of the approach and vision she uses today:
realizing homes built around the story of the client.

In this way, she creates unique designs in very different
styles that capture the taste and personality of each
individual and link them together in a custom project.
customized project.

Personal guidance is an indispensable
cornerstone. It is an absolute priority for Wendy Verstrepen
priority to guide each customer through the entire
construction process. In this way, the building process
the clients into a carefree and enjoyable experience.

Express & create

Close involvement from the start of each
project is typical of Wendy Verstrepen.
With a thorough preparation of the (building process,
a close follow-up of the progress of
progress of the work and good communication
partners and suppliers, every project runs
flawlessly. A way of working that is an absolute advantage
for her and for all parties involved an absolute advantage.

In each realization, the style and personality of the
the client is ingeniously combined with the skills
skills and creativity of Wendy Verstrepen.
With professional advice on appropriate materials such as
wood and natural stone and a finish with natural
materials, she lifts each project to a higher level.
It is also of the utmost importance to Wendy Verstrepen
that aesthetics and technology are already interwoven at the base.

Whoever builds or renovates a house today,
has to consider a range of techniques
and requirements.

Wendy Verstrepen takes this into account from the beginning
and translates them into a high-quality design through the
integration of contemporary techniques. From electricity and the
correct placement of outlets to ventilation and the
installation of underfloor heatin


Be faithful to
your own taste